Te extraño mucho, dogos

4 June 2020, 1.33am: One thing I appreciate about el vecino gallo is that he seems to sleep early. I enjoy the time when I can’t hear him calling out or rattling around trying to get attention. Although I often hear him, it’s been two and a half months since I last saw him, the same day we went into ‘la cuarentena’.

Two and a half months! Jaysus. If you told me 6 months or even 4 months ago that I would move half way around the world to be stuck in a one bedroom apartment, I never would have believed it, but here we are… Do I regret my decision to come? Not at all. Of course I wish the circumstances were different, but I’ve still done some great things:

  1. I took a risk on love and so far, it’s turned out well! We’ve had some lumps and bumps, but it wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t. Whatever happens in the future, I’ve still had this opportunity to get to know someone lovely and sweet and share this experience.
    You can meet my handsome and talented Piolo here:

Shameless plug:

You can see from the interview above that Piolo has written a book. I was the first person to read it and I wish he had given me a bit of forewarning about the subject matter. It translates to: I cheated on her… in the times of virus. It’s about a guy whose girlfriend came from another country to live with him. The rest is self explanatory from the title.

Some tears flowed and lots of discussions were had. I understand that it is just a story. In summary, the protagonist is a jerk and you’ll either love it or hate it, but you will have a reaction!

More importantly, take note of the cover design: all me baby! The book is available in Amazon:

2. I’ve been my own boss, twice! We had a little sandwich business which was ticking along nicely until “the virus” kind of fucked that up, but it was fun while it lasted! I still have my own little English teaching gig though. I have 5-7 students at any one time. I don’t charge a lot and I’m not making a fortune, but I enjoy it. Best of all, I pick and choose who I want to teach. If someone is rude, unreliable or we are not gelling, I cut it. In the words of Kenny Rogers, you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em etc. Words to live by.

The first thing I will do when this thing ends is….

There are some things I enjoy about the current situation – one of those is having an excuse to cross the road, point and shout “unclean” when someone comes within 10m of me, but it’s funny the things you miss. Besides the obvious things, I really miss going to the university to get a ‘dogo’, aka a Sonoran style hot dog.

Far more often than I like to admit, after a night of drinking, or just for the hell of it, we would walk down to the University of Sonora (which, coincidentally is where I studied Spanish BC (before COVID)), where loads of vendors sell dogos 24/7. It’s an institution here in Hermosillo and with good reason. Check out this video:

Juan more dogo

A few months ago, I started my original dogos post. I visited (for research purposes) and asked the seller at Dogos de Juan if I could take some photos, to which he kindly obliged. After I started to write the post, I realised I wanted more information and shelved it with the intent to return. Two weeks later, we went into isolation and stayed there! So this is what I remember about dogos, not having had one for a few months:

  1. You go to the seller and tell them what you want (do you want one ‘wini’ (sausage) or two (‘doble wini’) and papas (chips) or not and wait for your dogo to be made.
  2. After you get your dogo, you pile as many toppings (like chorizo, guacamole, jalapenos, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, corn and a million other things) and salsas (mustard, mayonnaise, liquid cheese, pico de gallo, hot sauce) as you can possibly fit in your dogo.
  3. You pass it back to the guy who wraps it for you and then you pay.
  4. You either get back in your Uber and go home or eat it there and walk home! Delicious!

Hope to see you again soon Juan!

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