Sopa de gallo and other Mexican recipes

People who know me can attest that I like to cook (and eat!). With Mexican food having a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status, I’d be crazy not to enmadden my Mexican cooking skillz.

Every region in Mexico has it’s own specialty – two dishes can be called the same thing, but be completely different depending on where you are.

Hermosillo has delicious food and easy access to ingredients (such as chiles, incredible cheeses and tomatillos). I also have a bit more time to experiment with making traditional food.

At first it was a bit scary cooking Mexican food for Mexicans, but they are probably too polite to complain.

I will share with you some recipes for things that I have made (not the fails though). Maybe you will be inspired to try them for yourself!

Lastly, hands up who hates reading food blogs where you have to scroll through their life story just to get to the damn recipe?

I can promise you I won’t do that!!! Just the facts man, just the facts…