Soy el vecino, Señor Gallo


Jetlag. The insanity you actually pay for and is reserved for people who can afford to travel. Such a first world problem (to quote the internet circa 2016), but damn Australia. So bloody far from almost everywhere. I am sure every Australian has thought – is this worth it, as they lie awake staring at the ceiling, hungry at weird hours, a bit dizzy and unable to poop.

So I lie here, trying not to wake my Piolo sleeping soundly and trying to shut off the weird half-dream thoughts. Finally a wave of sleep begins to wash over me. Hallelujah! I roll over and snuggle. My eyes droop close and I begin to drift.

But Señor Gallo was not having any of that. It was 4.02am and Señor Gallo needed to make his presence known to his new neighbour RIGHT AWAY! And to let her know who is boss around here. So he did. For 20 minutes. Mucho gusto, el vecino gallo, mucho gusto. Eres un pinche vecino.

And so, the inspiration for was born…

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